When a dog and its human develop an unexplainable connection, their bond grows over time. If a canine’s owner needs to go away for quite some time, they miss their best friends more than they could ever explain.

One example of this is Jaxson, an 18-month old Bullmastiff who has not seen his owner, Jason Floyd, for three long months. The 19-year-old had to leave his home to attend basic training in preparation for the Army.

Jaxson has been with Jason since he was a little puppy. They have been inseparable pair, and the two loved spending time with each other.

When Jason had to leave, Jaxson felt so sad. It was as if he knew that he would not see his human for a long time.

When Jason’s mother, Lisa Floyd, asked Jaxson if he is ready for a surprise, Jaxson immediately wagged his tail. He knew something was up, and he could not wait to see what was beyond the door.

As soon as Jaxson got out of the door, he saw Jason lying on the sofabed on their patio. He ran up to Jason and gave him the biggest, warmest welcome he could ever give.

Jaxson could not contain his excitement, and Jason had to lie down on the floor to return the cuddle his dog gave him. Lisa shared that she could not help but tear up when she saw her son and their dog reunite right before her eyes.

Lisa recalled that before Jason left for his training, she had to put some of Jason’s worn clothing in Ziploc bags so their dog could smell his owner anytime. Jaxson longed for Jason, and he always fell asleep next to Jason’s clothes.

Lisa said that she was grateful that she was able to take a video of Jason and Jaxson’s heartwarming reunion. She was happy that she immortalized that moment, and they could look back to it anytime.

Source: The Inside Edition


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