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Dogs are extremely intelligent, yet they still require care and supervision. They are similar to children who could easily become lost or create chaos if we do not take care of them.

This black and white Corgi bred in Indonesia is an unusual doggo. This miniature Corgi named Onix de Henessy is quite unique, as most Corgis have three colors and look like a loaf of bread.

Onix appeared to be a Border Collie, but his breeder claims he is actually a Corgi. He came with a certificate, therefore he is unquestionably a rarity worthy of recognition. What a rare and cherished pet!

Onix is unaware of his uniqueness, but we hope he grew up feeling loved and cared for. Dogs do not require much to flourish, but they do require our love and care.

In this video, Onix was shown as a young puppy that was uncertain about himself and his environment. It is the classic tale of life, in which one begins unaware of one’s potential.

Onix excitedly sniffed his environment, examining everything as he went. His behavior was so timid that if we could reach into the screen and pluck him out, we would.

In addition to blankets and food, we would provide loads of hugs and cuddles to the cute doggo. No matter how uncommon their breed, all dogs deserve the purest form of human affection.

We can only hope that Onix’s adult life was as fulfilling as he deserves. Precious animals like him have the right to run free. Onix may be short, but he would perform admirably.

Dogs have the purest of spirits, thus we advise everyone to adopt one. There are countless animals in need of human attention and care.

Onix, we hope you were able to overcome your personal issues. We are confident that you were able to do so in a timely manner, as this is something that dogs always accomplish.

Source: Janet Elfara


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