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A man named Ed Gernon met Rex while visiting a local shelter. Ed understood in an instant that Rex was the ideal dog for him. However, the staff informed Ed that they believed that the dog was dangerous and almost feral. This was because Rex spent most of his existence on the streets, where he was forced to seek food and battle other animals on his own.

Nevertheless, Ed took a gamble and adopted Rex. The dog instantly developed affection for his new father. They also enjoyed playing Frisbee and taking long walks around Ed’s hometown of Whittier, California.

During one of his walks with Ed, Rex abruptly stopped in front of a bush. Rex refused to move, so Ed was compelled to find out what his dog was seeing. Then he noticed the small hummingbird on the ground.

Rex originally believed that the hummingbird had already passed away. She was covered in ants, and she was immobile. But, Ed observed that the bird was barely breathing so he brought the hummingbird home and nursed her back to health after understanding that he could still save her.

Ed was astounded by Rex’s reaction to the bird. The once-feral canine refused to leave the side of Hummer, the name given to the small critter. Ed also observed that Rex exerted great effort to safeguard the fragile hummingbird, so he did the same.

During Hummer’s first few days with Ed, the man fed the dog a sugar combination every 15 minutes. He also taught her how to use her wings and fly using a hairdryer.

Hummer regained her strength gradually. Ed was astounded to observe Hummer flying about his home, and he even thought that this was probably like what it was to live with the fairy Tinkerbell.

Hummer began spending the majority of her time with Rex. She frequently swam in his water bowl, which Rex never objected to. The dog was pleased to see his best friend having fun.

Ed was aware that Hummer will eventually need to return to the wild. That is why he began leaving the doors and windows open. However, Hummer has chosen to stay with her best friend and her father.

Ed and Rex will have difficulty when it is time for Hummer to go, but they are really grateful for all the joy she brought into their life.

Source: Ed Gernon


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