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A woman named Sallie Gregory-Hammett could not pass up the opportunity to write a touching obituary for her wonderful fur baby.

Charlie was an amiable Golden Retriever who knew how to cuddle his way to people’s hearts. He was adored by everyone he met.

Sallie, who was just 23 and single at the time she moved to the city, would have had a very different life if Charlie had not been there with her. Charlie was her first puppy and a devoted buddy who accompanied her everywhere she went. From hikes to excursions to Home Depot, Charlie ensured that she never felt lonely.

Whenever Sallie began dating someone, their attention was on Charlie’s reaction. However, Charlie’s attitude toward Sallie’s boyfriends never changed because he only wanted her happiness. Plus, he always got along well with others.

Everyone was aware that Charlie’s position in Sallie’s heart had already been established. To have a chance at being Sallie’s lifetime spouse, one must show the same devotion that Charlie has for Sallie.

When a man named David Hammett entered Sallie’s life and interacted with Charlie, she knew he was the one, and by May, they were married.

Unfortunately, Charlie passed away on September 13 after a five-month battle with cancer. Sallie, devastated by this loss, expressed her sorrow through literature. She used her passion for the dog, which not only provided her with an outlet but also attracted the attention of numerous social media users who shared her sentiments.

A heartbreaking obituary for Charlie was posted on Twitter and it has since gone viral, touching the hearts of everyone who read it. Sallie described the happy memories she shared with Charlie, highlighting their cherished times together.

Charlie’s last days were spent at the beach, a memory cherished by many, most especially by Sallie.

Source: Sallie Hammett


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