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It is quite common knowledge that dogs are definitely protective. This is in addition to their being loyal, trustworthy, and authentic. This is certainly why we enjoy having them around, and why we entrust them with our children.

This Great Dane who is known as Lisa is one of those amazing and protective dogs. She has a one-year-old male ward who is adorable and inquisitive as can be. Perhaps this is why Lisa has become so protective of the child. She is aware that his innocence and natural curiosity could place him in precarious circumstances.

On one particular day, the child was particularly fascinated by the stairs and wanted to go up. Fortunately, Lisa prevented him from doing so right away.

When the boy attempted to climb, she used her body as a shield and obstructed his ascent with her head. The occasion was captured on camera by Mom, and it is really nice to watch.

We could tell that Lisa and this child will develop an incredible bond as they grow older. Typically, dogs and children have this strong connection, especially when they were raised together and grew up being close to each other. This boy is certainly lucky to have a friend, a sibling, and a guardian all rolled into one.

Great Danes are also commonly known for their gentle nature, so this pet would not lack in this regard.

We enjoy reading these stories because they show the benefits of having a dog as a pet. If every child could really grow up with one, their childhood would be great.

In addition to becoming more self-assured and kinder, children would also not need to look for companionship since their pet will always be with them. This child will certainly thank Lisa in the future for her companionship, love, and kindness.

Well done, Lisa! Thank you for protecting your ward as best as you could. We eagerly anticipate witnessing more of your future adventures together.

Source: ViralHog


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