Jim who was a USMC combat veteran had PTSD after a war experience in the battlefield. He was really in a severe state.

He frequently experienced an episode of anxiety. These episodic events keep Jim from indulging in activities of daily living, like getting out of bed and spending quality time for his loved ones.

Stacy, Jim’s wife, said that they were really in the darkest moment in their life. Thus, she started seeking for help and was referred to Patriotic Service Dog Foundation to check if Jim is eligible for a service dog. Soon, Jim met a brilliant dog named Howie who has helped him overcome his problem.

So, Jim and Tracy started the process and were requested to come and meet service dogs at the foundation. Tracy was fearful that Jim would find some difficulty to select the dog that would be a part of their family.

The first time Howie came out, Jim became instantly sentimental: there was an instant bonding between the two. Tracy was astonished and now relaxed.

It nearly took a week to strengthen the pairing. For the meantime, Jim spent more time to visit Howie.

The total cost for Howie’s training and other expenses would be summed up to $30, 000. Fortunately, Tracy and Jim need not pay any money due to donations and contributions from caring and kind-hearted individuals to the foundation.

In this support group, puppies aged eight weeks old start training until one year at which they are partnered with a veteran to perform the training process to needs of the veteran. These dogs help assist the person from a disability or help deal with a person from an episode of anxiety.

During the training, Howie is taught on patter interrupt, which is the best technique utilized in behavioral psychology to determine, interrupt, and alter thought patterns and behaviors.

Howie would kiss Jim when he displays his pattern or clues of falling into an episode. The kiss of Howie helped Jim quickly break from his events. Jim can feel calm and at ease. Jim has a feeling of peace when Howie is at his side.

Howie now became a significant member of their home. Tracy now claimed that Jim turns normal now and free from any anguish.

Photo Source iHeartDogs.com


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