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Dogs are some of the most unassuming creatures on this planet. They make friends because they want to. They do not really care if their friend is a stray or not. If another dog is fun to be with and play with, this will likely become their best buddy.

For Dexter the dog, he met his best pal Douke in the backyard of his owner. Douke was a stray that found itself in Dexter’s backyard and starting from the time that they first met, they simply have become inseparable.

The owner of Dexter was concerned about what could have happened to Douke at that time. Personnel from animal control patrolled the area looking for strays, so he could be captured. The owner once had to conceal Douke in his garage and put a collar on him to prevent him from being taken away. He didn’t want Douke to go away because he knew just how much Dexter adored him.

The owner eventually realized that Douke was not a stray dog. The dog belonged to someone who lived two streets away from him so he went there to inform Douke’s owner that the dog needed to have a collar or he would be seized by animal control.

The following day, Douke was once again without a collar. As was expected, he was caught and brought to a dog pound.

Upon learning about Douke’s capture, Dexter’s owner quickly searched for Douke. Then and there, he decided that the best way to keep the dog safe would be to adopt him and that is what he did.

People were telling Dexter’s owner that he was not responsible for stray dogs. He ignored them since he was aware of what needed to be done. He could not just let go of the best friend of his dog.

After Douke was reunited with Dexter, they relocated to a new home in a rural area. The new home came with a large yard so that the two dogs could run about freely.

Dexter and Douke were able to enjoy life without any concerns. Knowing that Douke would no longer be taken away, the owner was also relieved of worry.

Today, he enjoys seeing his two dogs be funny around one another. He enjoys every morning because he wakes up each day to the sight of his two pit bulls cuddling with each.

Source: Geobeats Animals


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