With the lockdown protocols easing up, people have taken the opportunity to seek far-away places to enjoy the outdoors away from the rest of the world.

That’s where French Bulldogs Griffin and Haru found themselves one weekend. At first, the pitties wondered why mom made them wear funky pineapple suits; matching ones at that!

Then they were loaded into the car, and they just knew that they were going someplace fun. It excited the pets; they were indoors for so long that a walk outside was a luxury.

The car started moving, but it was slow going for the pitties. Haru and Griffin couldn’t wait to get out of the car and have fun with nature.

They did a pitstop because mom had to get some snacks. There’s no picnic without food, and thankfully, both boys seemed to understand that.

After a bit of traffic, they were on the open road, and soon, they reached their destination. Griffin and Haru couldn’t wait to get out of the car and do zoomies on that mountain park.

The view was great, and both pitties took it all in. They sniffed exciting scents, chased random bugs, and just enjoyed their outdoor adventure.

Then it was snack time, and both doggos munched on some cool and hydrating cucumber. Then they were off again, their matching pineapple sweatshirts flashing about.

Then it was time to cool off before the family headed home. Griffin and Haru enjoyed a beautiful sunset, and everyone reveled in this experience.

All too soon, they were on their way home, and we bet they were all tired from the day’s activities. It’s the kind that’s welcomed, so no one complained.

We hope you get more bonding time outdoors, Griffin and Haru. Nature is one of those things many take for granted, but we’re glad you didn’t and made the most out of it. Salute!

Photo and video credits to Griffin Frenchie via YouTube


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