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Dogs enjoy playing games. That fact is clearly demonstrated by the way dogs turn mundane duties into really enjoyable games.

An adult dog, however, does not break a sweat when it engages in a game of tug-of-war with its puppy sibling since the younger one just bites into the rope. Even if the puppy tries to yank on the rope, it will be defeated by its opponent’s power.

A pair of dogs relaxing on the floor can be seen in this amusing video clip. The dog on the left is already an adult, while a puppy relaxes across the adult one.

You’ll find a rope stretched between them if you will look closely. The determined puppy tugs on the rope with all its might before anyone can figure out what’s going on.

Despite the puppy’s ferocity, the adult dog remains calm and simply bites on the rope. The adult doggo even casually looks to a corner of the room at one point while it tries to give the puppy a hard time.

With that, the puppy has no choice but to do its best and yank on the rope even harder. The youngster even pulls on the rope many times, causing the adult dog to open its mouth and lose its grip. But it eventually regains a strong hold on the rope.

Regardless of how hard the puppy pulls on the rope, it will not budge since the adult dog’s mouth is tightly sealed. The puppy leans back and pulls hard on the rope in a last-ditch effort to win this round of tug-of-war.

The puppy even re-adjusts its grasp on the rope at one point. However, this last-minute strategy backfires when the puppy mistakenly lets go of the rope, resulting in its loss.

Do you think the pup will try to reclaim his stake on the rope again? Check the link shared here to go and learn more about the puppy’s ultimate decision.

Source: Rumble Viral


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