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The sudden appearance of a stray dog crossing a busy street in a Los Angeles suburb alarmed the locals. It was a good thing that the vehicles the automobiles were not moving too fast, but the poor dog was still hit by one. The dog was injured, but there were no obvious wounds or injuries on his body.

A friendly family, who were hosting a garage sale at that time, ran to where the dog was upon hearing about what happened. They saw the dog and observed it. The animal was not moving and was sitting on the sidewalk. They quickly brought the dog inside their house and called Hope for Paws, a canine rescue organization, for assistance.

The rescue group immediately dispatched a three-person rescue squad led by its founder, Eldad, to the family’s residence where the dog awaited their help. At that time, it was unknown if the dog had sustained any injuries. They were informed that the dog walked well, but ever since he was brought to the house, he has merely sat and remained still under a table.

When the rescuers arrived, they saw the house quickly and entered. The dog was indeed hiding beneath a table, but when they approached, he just collapsed. The dog simply rolled onto its side.

Loretta, one of the rescuers, quickly approached the dog, attached a leash on him, and then carried him away in her arms. They then rushed the dog to the vet in their vehicle. During the entire trip, the dog appeared to be in a coma. When they opened his eyelids, they could only see the white part of his eyes.

A veterinarian approached them at the clinic’s entrance and took the dog from them. They then carried him inside and administered medication. They hypothesized that the dog had a swollen brain which was a result of head trauma. Due to the strain within his skull, he collapsed.

Thankfully, the drug worked immediately, and the swelling decreased soon enough. A few hours later, the dog they now named Tux was awake and more active. And in the subsequent weeks, he remained in the clinic to recover completely.

Tux then spent the next few weeks in a foster home and was ultimately adopted. He is now living happily with a family that adores him and finds great delight in his presence. The family is also confident that Tux is content living with them and they made certain of this.

Source: Hope for Paws – Official Rescue Channel


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