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The owner of George, a 135-pound French Mastiff, describes him as a gentle giant. The empathetic dog loves caring for a variety of animal species.

In this wonderful video, he was also shown interacting and caring for the family’s piglet.

Lindsay, George’s owner, stated that when she brought the piglet home, it was really little. The French Mastiff warmed up to Debbie, the pink potbellied pig, in less than thirty minutes. George did not see the piglet as an animal that was different from himself. In fact, he was simply pleased to have a pet to care for.

The friendly dog adopted parental responsibilities, guaranteeing the piglet’s cleanliness and comfort.

When the family walked George and Debbie, the pig regularly escaped. George would then keep a close eye on Debbie and then make it a point to always find her.

As she aged, the pink pig became rather close to the French Mastiff. The two animals are pretty close, but the pig did not understand that there are household boundaries that must be observed.

In the video clip, Debbie attempted to jump onto George’s back one time. She didn’t quite succeed, but she really tried her hardest! That pig is just so amusing!

Debbie and George have personalities that are quite similar. Aside from being pleasant, both the animals enjoy sleeping throughout the day.

They would even also imitate each other from time to time. For example, when George started to bark, the pig began to imitate a dog’s bark as well.

Debbie has lately passed away. The family has since then adopted a duck and a chicken. It is George who cares for them just like how he cared for the pink pig named Debbie.

On their Instagram profile, the family promised to provide a loving home for all animals in need and they will never tire of doing so.

Source: The Dodo


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