There are a lot of tricks and commands dogs can learn to do. With the right amount of training and a delicious treat, they will surely do their best to follow you. These doggos are definitely hardworking especially when they know that there is a reward waiting for them.

In this case, you can basically teach a dog to do anything you like. So when pet owner Megan Bolen’s friend showed her a video of a dog painting, she tried to train her Miniature Australian Shepherd named Rogan. They started to paint for fun and until 10 days later, the doggo started to love painting on his canvas.

Megan recently started painting herself. But as a dog lover, she loves training her dog to do anything. So when she got the idea that dogs could also learn how to paint, she made a modified paintbrush that Rogan can use with his mouth.

Then with lots of treats and patience, Rogan learned how to paint lines, shapes with different strokes. This amazing talent impressed a lot of people that the doggo’s paintings were a hit when they tried to sell them. It’s been more than a year when Rogan started painting and they have now sold more than 200 paintings all across North America.

All of the money that they get from the paintings gets donated to local rescue shelters in Southern Alberta. Until recently, some of Rogan’s paintings were sent to Hong Kong to be featured in an art exhibit about dogs and art.

One of Rogan’s paintings is also up for auction along with 16 other dog paintings for Tripawd’s fundraiser. Tripawd is an organization that helps dogs who have recently lost a limb due to cancer. All the proceeds will be used to send out cancer care packages to doggos in need.

Megan is so proud of Rogan’s progress in painting. Not only does he get to play around and learn new skills, but he also gets to help a lot of other dogs who need support. With his talent, Rogan gets to give new chances and opportunities to other dogs across the world.

Video Credit: CTV News


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