The Mathis family from the state of Iowa once had a dog named Hazel. She was a happy dog that loves playing tricks. If Houdini had a dog as an apprentice, it would be Hazel.

One day, Monica brought out Hazel in the yard to play. After a while, mommy Monica went inside to use the bathroom and left Hazel on a leash. To her surprise, her beloved pup was not there anymore when she came back!

The family looked for their dog everywhere. To their dismay, they weren’t able to find their fur baby. Time passed, and they moved to Minnesota. Their hope of reuniting again with Hazel seems impossible then.

Over time, the Mathis family moved on with their lives without Hazel. One day, Monica saw an ad from a brewing company that advertises adoptable dogs on their cans.

“I was looking at the dogs, and I was like ‘oh my gosh, that’s Hazel!’”, says Monica Mathis as she was startled when she saw a familiar face on the can.

Monica read the ad carefully, and it says the dog’s name was DayDay. She immediately contacted the shelter. Then, she presented all the photos that she had with her dog as proof that DayDay was her lively dog, Hazel.

Manatee County Animal Services informed Monica that a couple of months ago, Hazel got there as a stray dog. When they checked on her, her microchip was outdated, so they could not reconcile her with her owner. Monica can’t help but wonder how a dog can travel that far from Iowa to Florida.

The shelter eventually put Hazel up for adoption. When a brewing company came to take photos of dogs for adoption, Hazel was one of them. She was one of the longest residents there.

The Mathis family was so thankful and thrilled. It was indeed a dream that had become a reality. Friends of Manatee County Animal Services helped out in bringing Hazel to Minnesota. Finally, Hazel can be with them on her 7th birthday!

This story of Hazel is an eye-opener for all the fur parents to be extra cautious in handling their dogs. It is better to get them an updated microchip. Be sure that you put your necessary information. In case something happens to your dog, shelters would know how to contact you.

We’ve reached our destination, St. Paul, Minnesota! Hazel is finally home! Watch NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Saturday night for the reunion! 🐶❤️ See the reunion at

Posted by Manatee County Animal Services on Friday, February 7, 2020

Source:  Manatee County Animal Services


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