We all react to certain situations differently. Our reaction to events says a lot about how we feel, what we’ve experienced in the past, and how we learned from them.

This Boxer, named Neo, showed how we should react to anything that scares us. Aside from keeping calm, it would also help if we slept through it all.


Some might see it as irresponsible, but there’s actual gold in this practice. Besides, one can only sleep if one knows that he/she has done everything to prepare or get ready for that situation.

In this case, the situation was an earthquake, and it was a pretty strong one too. It occurred at night and in the morning, so there’s no way one could have foreseen that.

Fortunately, Neo’s house and the structures on the property were built to withstand those quakes. That’s how this Boxer’s owners prepared for those destructive earth-shakers.

Remember we said that Neo had a response to this was to sleep through it all? That’s precisely what this pet did, belly-up in the warm sheets and snoring like a trucker.

Earthquakes have a chilling effect on anyone who experiences it, but when you know that you’re prepared and you’re well-cared for, nothing could shake your mental calm.

The tremors were intense judging by the pool’s water movement, but Neo’s hooman bravely took a video of it while the quakes went on. The pet slept.


Neo added to the vibrations around him with his snores, and we couldn’t help but be a bit incredulous about it. How does one get to that level of quiet confidence, doggo?

Perhaps by practicing those suggestions of yours, we all could achieve the same calm you displayed. From now on, we’ll make sure to prepare, and then we’ll get some restful sleep. You rock, Neo!

Photo and video credits to Neo The Boxer Dog via YouTube


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