Dogs love adventures of any type no matter where they head with their fur parents. Canines even do their best to enjoy whatever they see along the way.

Thus, a sea-loving doggo can’t help but gaze at the waves crashing towards the shore. Yet, it seems the canine wasn’t prepared for the big wave that made its way to the shoreline.

Wow! The view’s incredible!

In this incredible video clip, one can initially see a canine standing by the shore. With the way the doggo gazes towards the sea, it looks like it’s taking a look at the beautiful sunset.

For the next few seconds, the calm canine continues staring at the peaceful view. At some point, the pooch even trots a few steps forward to have a better look at the waves crashing towards the shore.

Yet, the canine noticed something odd on the sea as it can’t help but stare alarmingly in its direction. But, before the doggo can run away from the site, a big wave soon appears near it.

Oh! Run!

With the way it looks, a huge wave makes its way to the shore where the dog’s standing. But, as the canine’s preoccupied with the mesmerizing sunset view, it wasn’t able to run as fast away towards safety.

Thus, the moment the wave slowly makes its way upward, the doggo can only gaze at it in awe and slowly back away. But, even as the dog tries evading the huge wave, its timing’s a bit late as the water gradually falls towards the surprised doggo.

With this, the dog chooses to enjoy the moment instead by welcoming the water splashing its way on the tiled floor. Yet, do you think the canine ultimately became soaked with seawater afterward? Keep your eyes glued on the footage below to find out what happens next.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube 


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