As dog parents, one of our goals is to train our canines well using basic commands. These simple commands range from sitting and laying down, to staying in one place and catching a ball.

But other fur parents go the extra mile to level up their dog training. They teach amazing tricks like jumping through hoops and balancing on a pole. This entails a higher level of training for the dogs and a lot of patience for the owner. Although it looks hard, it definitely is rewarding when you see them execute the tricks just like in the video below.

Karin Bauman, a ballerina, and her cute pet, Joya, joined a prestigious dog show called the DogDance Open European Championship wherein they showed their rendition of Tchaikovsky’s classic story, ‘Swan Lake.’  Swan Lake happens to be a mix of romance, magic, and tragedy that made its debut in 1877 in Moscow.

The lovely story is about a swan princess, Odette, who was cursed by a wicked sorcerer to actually transform into a swan during the day and back to her human form during the night. To break the spell, she needed a prince to pledge his love for her.

So, how did Karin and Joya translate this act into a dance? It was a beautiful performance with the graceful Karin dancing alongside Joya who danced as well. Karin proudly showed off a few of Joya’s tricks. The pooch would leap, turn and prance along with the lady while the melodic sound played.

One thing that made their performance so amazing is how Joya leaned and bent every time Karin did the same. It’s as if they were two swans moving in the lake of tears, one of the highlights of the story. It was also such a beautiful sight to see Joya run around, springing from one place to another as she does her happy dance.

Joya and Karin then performed towards the conclusion of their number. They then took one final pose as a perfect ending to Swan Lake. Everyone gave them a round of applause as it was a marvelous execution indeed!

Watch how they both danced gracefully in the lovely video below.

Source: Karin Baumann via Youtube


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