Trauma is a situation that affects a person’s well-being. A disturbing occurrence that happened in the past may disrupt a person’s future. Trauma does not merely go away, especially with children. A distressed child who experienced violence will have a hard time focusing.
A trial court in Urban devised an idea to alleviate a child’s intimidation when responding in court. A service dog named Pella makes this process possible.

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Pella isn’t just any ordinary service dog. The pup started her service at a local police department in Urban. Currently, she serves as a criminal investigator in Arapahoe County, Colorado. Pella helped in over 450 severe cases in the court of sexually and violently abused children.

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When a traumatized child feels scared to talk in court, Pella often comes to the rescue. Pella’s presence lightens and lessens the victim’s fear. Children testifying in court love interacting with the pup; having the dog around results in a clear testimonial from the distressed victim.
Pella’s role is essential to help the minors tell their side of the story. The dog naturally lets the victim speak up instead of the attorneys interrogating and forcing out the answers from them.
During a trial, Jurors don’t even know that Pella is around. Pella should not get seen on purpose to avoid any distractions. Pella’s unknown presence helps the Jurors focus on the witness, not the pup itself. Pella draws out the critical information the witness needs to make the process smoother.judge, hammer, auction hammer

Abby, a child testifying in court, told the reporter that Pella’s presence provided comfort. It made the child feel less intimidated by people. The pup helped the young girl feel calm, relaxed, and protected. Pella’s training required a particular skill to remain sharp and focused in these delicate situations.
Pella isn’t the only dog serving in a courthouse. Over 126 courthouses in 34 States, including the District of Columbia, allow dog intervention, which opens up new opportunities and purposes for dogs.
Service dogs aren’t limited to helping the household and people with disabilities anymore. The outstanding service of pups is vital in assisting a court in solving cases.
Pella is one extraordinary dog. The pup doesn’t only perform her task as a service dog but also provides comfort to children. Even a child psychologist needs a set of questions just to let a minor speak.
However, in Pella’s case, her presence makes the children speak naturally. It’s as if they talk and interact like best buddies. The pup always lightens the mood in the courtroom. Pella never fails to leave a smile on everybody’s face.
Service dogs have now come to a new different level. Each dog has its unique role to play, just us humans. Every pup is exceptional, and their relationship with humans is inseparable. A dog’s innocence leads to genuine love shared with people. The type of dog doesn’t matter; as long as a pup is around, rest assured it will make you feel safe and protected.
To know more about Pella’s story, see the video below:

Credits: CBS This Morning via YouTube


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