It’s sometimes so difficult to believe how smart and capable movie dogs are. They seem to think like humans and know the exact thing to do in dire situations.

Dogs are indeed clever animals, and their heroic acts in films have actually happened in real life. Thanks to the internet, videos, and articles about their good deeds are now more accessible. Just like this one smart pooch from Cebu in the Philippines.

Christmas miracle

At around noontime on December 24, 2020, a man named Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorcycle close to a trash dumpsite when he saw a dog frantically barking. As it was a rough road, Junrell was driving slow. The dog started following him but not in an aggressive manner.

This made Junrell curious. The dog was acting strange, and it seemed like he wanted the man to follow him. So he did.

They eventually ended up inside the dumpsite, and Junrell was stunned to see a tiny baby wrapped in a towel. He immediately called the police to take care of the matter.

The authorities arrived on the scene and took possession of the baby. According to one of their officers, the baby was most likely born very recently as the umbilical cord is still attached. The newborn would’ve likely perished if no one came to the rescue.

Social workers took the baby in, and the police are now investigating the case.


People lauded the dog’s heroic act, and several animal welfare groups wanted to reward him. As it turned out, the dog, named Blacky, is not a stray. He lives with a family near the dumpsite along with ten other dogs.

The kind family adopted all of them and provides for their everyday needs. According to one of the family members, they do not have extra resources for the dogs, but they manage to take good care of them and feed them regularly.

The animal welfare group, Pawssion Project, wanted to recognize Blacky’s good deed, and they raised money to give the dogs food and supplies. Even their owners were given groceries and cash.

Source: @hopeforstrayscebu/Facebook


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