Atlas, a six-year-old Labrador, is indeed a master of good manners and right conduct. For her, being cordial and respectful is a natural thing to do. Her proud foster mom, Kyla, attests to the upright behavior of the dog since the very first day she got her from an animal rescue center.

Atlas’ amiable and positive character has truly left a long-lasting impression to the people who she gets in touch with. Kyla also describes Atlas as a gentle, tamed, and well-behaved dog. It is always very easy for her to give commands and instructions to Atlas. She is also proud to say that even people who are not fond of dogs may like Atlas because she is not annoying and irritating.

Aside from the above-mentioned characteristics, Atlas is also known for her welcoming attitude. She never fails to greet every visitor that comes to their house. She is different from other dogs who would normally bark at people they do not recognize.

Another remarkable attitude that Atlas has is that she loves to give gifts to visitors out of the blue. She seems to feel delighted if she can also bring a smile to someone’s face. It is normal for her to just take any toy around the house and give it to their guest. If they were visited by friends or relatives with kids, it is expected that Atlas would be twice as happy since she enjoys playing with kids as well.

Kyla says that Atlas is the sweetest dog ever. She gives toys not just because she wants to do so, but sometimes it is her way of apologizing. Kyla said that if Atlas brings her a stuffed animal or any stuffed toy, that means she may have done something that she wants to say sorry about. This humble attitude makes Kyla love Atlas more and more each day.

Image source: PuppyBearDragon


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