Devon owns a unique corgi named Willo. Willo has a habit of howling whenever she eats breakfast. Devon noticed that Willo had this habit when she turned four months old.

Every time Willo would eat or drink during breakfast, she would howl during every bite she makes on her food. Devon found it weird and unique at the same time. At first, she thought that the howling was an indication that Willo was choking.

Devon started to monitor Willo every time she eats just to make sure that nothing is wrong with her. She noticed that every time Willo would take a bite of her food, she would go and howl and then eat or drink again. It surprised Devon that Willo would never miss howling every time she eats in the morning.

Devon feels that the howling is Willo’s way of thanking her for preparing a good meal for her. Whenever Devon prepares Willo’s food, she would put the dog bowl down and make Willo wait for one minute. Willo knows that it is time to eat whenever Devon says, “Okay.”

Devon also noticed that the howling would start whenever Willo is about to finish her meal. She would stop eating, howl, and then complete the remaining food on her dog bowl.

Devon also believes that Willo does the howling because of her love of food and her personality too. She finds Willo to be too sassy for a dog. A lot of devon’s friends and relatives find happiness in hearing Willo howl whenever she eats.

Now that Willo has grown and is much older, she would still howl, but it is less compared to when she was younger. Devon also noticed that after eating, WIllo would find her if she is nowhere to be seen before she makes a big howl. She feels very appreciative of Devon making food for her.

Video credit: The Dodo


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