Rottweilers always seem like they’re emotionally detached, but nothing could be further from the truth. They’re just like other dogs who need love and attention.

This male Rottweiler was discovered crying by his neighbor. He was so loud because his owners went to work, and he was left all alone in the house.

Seeing that a furry pet needed company, this lovely lady took the initiative and greeted the pet. The surprised Rottie promptly stopped his whining to pay attention to the stranger who just spoke to him.

The dog turned his head sideways, assessing the situation. It didn’t look like this nice lady posed a threat. To be honest, she sounded friendly and caring, so the pet wagged his tail.

That’s the most favorable reaction from a dog anyone could get. The lady continued saying hello, and after a couple of seconds, the pet walked towards her.

The prospect of spending the day with someone made the doggo happy, so there was a little spring to this Rottie’s step. He crossed the very little space between him and this nice lady to get a closer look.

When the doggo raised his head to the lady, his sad eyes told of all the days he spent alone. It’s not anyone’s fault because his parents needed to work, but we could see why he was lonely.

Thankfully, this lady right here might have just solved her neighbor’s dilemma. Perhaps from now on, this good boy would spend his days with this lovely lady until his owners came home from work.

This Rottie found a new friend in his next-door neighbor. We hope he didn’t have to spend long days by himself anymore. With this friendly neighbor’s actions, this pet most likely wouldn’t be all by his lonesome.

Mad props to you, lady, for being this pet’s lifeline. Loneliness doesn’t look good on anyone, and you just fixed that right up. We’re giving you the thumbs up for your kind actions!

Credits to Wholesome Rottweilers via YouTube


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