John Gray is a news anchor who has won awards for covering some of the biggest stories in the past couple of decades. He has also published a few children’s books, and one of them became a big hit and a number one bestseller. It was a very inspirational book that featured his own pet, a deaf and blind dog named Keller.

John met Keller when the pup was just four months old. The kind man was volunteering at his local shelter when he learned about the Australian Shepherd with special needs. The puppy was a double merle, and like most dogs born that way, he was completely deaf and blind.

A second chance

Keller was found abandoned near a railroad track. He was left for dead, but luckily, some good soul found him and brought the pup to the shelter. Because of his situation, some people suggested putting him to sleep. Aside from his congenital condition, he was also undernourished and in a terrible mess.

Fortunately, the veterinarian refused to put the dog down and decided to fix him up as best as he could. He hopes there would be someone kind enough to give Keller a good life.

That someone was John.

An inspiration to all

The broadcaster and his wife fell in love with the dog. When he was well enough and ready to be adopted, they immediately filed their application. They knew that taking care of the pup would be a challenge, but they were willing to take the responsibility.

Their two German Shepherds welcomed the newcomer right away. Keller had a very amiable personality, and it was easy to love him. He also had a strong spirit and a zest for life. John was inspired by this and wrote a children’s book about him.

The book quickly became a bestseller. A lot of kids learned about Keller and how he faced difficulties. His approach to life inspired them.

Source: John Gray Writer via Facebook


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