Eddy is a dog who knows exactly when his loving family needs some extra help.

Ashley Karlin adopted the 95-pound cuddle bug from an animal shelter two years ago just as a perfect companion for her elderly dog named Daisy. Since that very day, Eddy and Daisy have become inseparable.

According to Karlin, the two play like siblings. They love egging each other on and running around in their backyard together. They sleep right next to each other – sometimes on each other.

Eddy is also very perceptive. He can immediately notice when something is wrong with someone in the family – and he quickly jumps into action.

The black Lab uses his skill often when traveling with Daisy. His sister has always had motion sickness in the car. She gets nervous when it is time to go on a trip. However, Eddy is an expert in terms of soothing her.

Karlin said that when Daisy lies down in the car’s back seat and starts drooling, Eddy lays the other way around so he could place his head right on top of hers. If he does not do it, his sister always gets up and lies down and then gets up and lies down repeatedly until she vomits.

She thought that Eddy only had a good sense of when someone isn’t feeling well. And he is always right there to give comfort to Daisy. They’ve noticed that whenever they lie down together just like that, she does not throw up and will usually fall asleep.

Eddy also checks his mom to ensure she is OK, and he’s always the first one to know when there is some change.

According to Karlin, she and her husband found out that she’s pregnant. One of the many signs that tipped them off was that Eddy regularly would rest his head on her belly. Their dog has also on several occasions woken her while sleeping just to notify her that she’s going hypoglycemic, even if he is not taught to do so.

Eddy has always been there when Karlin or Daisy needs him – and they couldn’t imagine their lives, or long car rides, without him.

Source Healthy Happy News via Ashley Karlin


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