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Some dogs do not look attractive to some people. But it is certainly important to remember that they still need human connection. Even these “ugly” dogs need affection and love.

Thankfully, some households are ready to embrace pets with unique characteristics. Scamp the Tramp, for example, is cared for by a loving family. They even supported him when he participated in a competition.

Scamp had earned a title that made him stand out from the rest of the dogs out there. He was crowned as the ugliest dog in the world. Despite this title, he still possessed the charisma to make people be in awe of him.

Scamp the Tramp was announced as the ultimate winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition held in Petaluma, California. It was a tough competition since he had to compete against more than a dozen other canines.

As the victor, Scamp received amazing prizes. He received $1,500 as prize money. He was given an additional $1,500 to be donated to a designated shelter. Additionally, Scamp won a trip to New York so he could appear on the TODAY show.

In addition to his unique appearance, Scamp won the contest because of his warm attitude. According to Scamp’s owner, Yvonne Morones, Scamp has always been an affectionate and friendly doggo.

According to Scamp’s profile on the website of the competition, his owner rescued him from a Los Angeles animal shelter. Scamps also lived in the streets of Compton before he found himself in the shelter.

Yvonne stated that choosing Scamps was a great decision. She had a feeling that Scamps had found his furever home as they sat in the car together for the first time.

Scamp the Tramp was instantly identifiable because of his distinctive coat. His hair grew gray dreadlocks and looked unkempt. No amount of conditioner was able to tame the mane.

The dog has worked as a pet therapist for the past eight years. He would frequently visit the Sebastopol Senior Center. Additionally, he served as a volunteer in first-grade classes, where he listened to students read to him.

Source: Washington Post


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