Have you ever wondered why dogs are friendly? They can be friendly towards anyone, including strangers and other animal species. Yes, some dogs are wary of strangers, but some dogs are capable of forming a friendship with others outside their family.

Because of a dog’s unique social trait, many scientists conducted studies to find out what is so different between domesticated dogs and wolves. It took three years for biologist and other experts to conclude that the reason behind a dog’s friendly behavior is due to genes.

On the other hand, dogs with high prey drive tend to be more ‘unfriendly’ towards everyone around them unless it’s their humans around them. They tend to chase everything that moves, like cars, cats and other animals. But they can be trained to coexist with cats,

The bottom line is each dog breed has its own set of traits. Some dogs are hyper-social that they thought the whole world is their friend, while other breeds are more of a guard dog which makes them hard to trust anyone.

However, regardless of a dog’s background or personality traits, dogs are friendly and capable of forming strong bonds with just anyone and everything else. We humans can’t help but be amazed by this fantastic trait.

The video below shows a French bulldog having a great time with a wild buck.

The buck seems to be having a great time too, playing with the friendly French bulldog, named Ellie-Mae. They may not be pals for life, but they did share an amazing moment that day.

What an incredible day that was for Ellie-Mae’s family. I’m sure they didn’t expect their sweet little dog can make a wild buck as her playmate that day.

We can’t help but share this video to the world to prove that dogs are indeed extraordinary creatures.

Source Jamie-Rei Fifield via YouTube


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