A man named Carl was walking one day when he saw something move near a dumpster. He saw a bag and inside was a puppy. He immediately took the puppy out from the bag, which made the puppy genuinely grateful. He immediately gave Carl kisses.

Since the dog was abandoned, Carl thought it would be good to adopt it. His daughter, Kate, would love to have the dog as company. Carl was right.

Kate loved the dog and named him Charlie. The two quickly bonded and became inseparable. Carl loved the fact that they had another family member because it has always been him and Kate.

Unfortunately, when Kate got older, she wanted to live in the city. She was a grown woman and wanted to live on her own. This saddened Carl, but it was something that he supported. He knew that Kate wanted to live her own life.

After years of having Kate, Carl was left with Charlie. It was lonely, but he was glad that he had Charlie with him.

One day, Carl got sick. He wanted to call Kate but rejected the idea because he did not want to disturb her. Thankfully, Charlie sensed that Carl’s condition was serious, so he went to the city to look for Kate.

Charlie had no idea where to find his sister, but he did not give up. He kept walking the streets in the hopes of finding her. After hours of search, he finally did.

Kate was walking home when a man harassed her. He would have done something worse if Charlie did not show up.

Charlie fought the man off, and Kate was grateful. She then realized that something must be wrong for Charlie to show up in the city. The two went home, and that’s when Kate saw her father’s condition. She brought him to the hospital, where he was treated.

The doctor told them that if Kate did not bring him in time, his condition would have gotten worse. Kate might have brought Carl to the hospital, but they both knew who the real hero was, and that was Charlie.

Source The Kiwi via YouTube


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