It’s always nice to see someone return home to a welcoming sight, especially if that welcome party consists of furry dogs.

These pets are so excited to see their owner that they can hardly contain themselves. You’ll definitely share in their joy as you check out the images below.

These pets are named Mabel and Boots. A Corgi and Shiba Inu as siblings is incredible in itself, but we’re more amazed by their patience and genuine excitement at the prospect of seeing dad home.

What an amazing duo! They know how to give a grand welcome! We hope all pets can be this patient and friendly with their owners when they return home.

If not, we’d settle for the courtesy of less hissing and screeching while we’re away! You can’t say these pets don’t remind you of your favorite furry friends at home, bless their little hearts.

Mabel’s bat-like ears became even more prominent when dad finally came home and opened the door.

Boots quickly stood on his hind legs to say hi to dad while the little puppy scooted away, a goofy smile on her face.

This one definitely knew how to give her sibling space and time to be with dad. She can wait for when dad gives her love and attention later.

She zoomed around the room while dad and Boots caught up with each other. We’re digging Mabel’s unselfish behavior and her positive perspective on things.

She knows her human will come around soon enough, so there’s no reason to be upset. What a good pup, and such a great sister and pet you are, Mabel!

We adore the way the Corgi zoomed off, only to come back with that adorable smile on her face. We hope you gave Mabel her source of joy too, Dad!

Credits to The Mabel & The Boots via YouTube


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