Bella was a college student when she went to the shelter. That’s where she found Baloo, a Bully. She immediately knew that he belonged to her, so she adopted him. Bella and Baloo have always been a team and would do a lot of things together.

These two were out one day when they met a man named Mickey and his dog, Louie. When Baloo and Louie met, there was an instant connection. The two became automatic friends. They ran around and played that day.

Bella was surprised because Louie was the first dog that Baloo truly got along with. There was a sweet friendship that bloomed that afternoon. The two got so close that Mickey and Bella decided to meet again. They would meet so their two dogs can spend more time with each other.

Their playdates became constant. Mickey and Bella were in awe because the two dogs had such opposite personalities. Still, they made their relationship work. What Mickey and Bella did not expect was that they were going to develop a relationship as well.

Just like their dogs, they too have different personalities. Bella was happy-go-lucky like Louie, while Micky was more of an introvert like Baloo.

Unexpectedly, Mickey and Bella started dating, and their dogs love it! For them, it meant that they would be seeing and playing with each other more often. It was the perfect setup because the dogs already loved each other. They would even express their disappointment every time Mickey and Louie would go home.

Their parents would always assure them that they will see each other again. Mickey and Bella knew that seeing each other was the highlight of each dog’s day. In a sweet way, these two dogs brought their parents together. Mickey and Bella are genuinely grateful for that.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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