When dogs feel excited about an upcoming trip, they can’t help but express it through gestures. While some canines jump or run around, some pooches express their excitement in more uncanny ways.

Thus, a Chihuahua ecstatic with its upcoming walk with fur mom performs an air swim while sitting in its dog carrier. With how things look, the dog’s silently hinting at Mom for them to start their daily walk right away.

Mom, let’s take a walk!

In this unique clip, a mix-furred Chihuahua named George rides in a dog carrier his fur mom wears on her chest. With how things look, George and his fur mom get ready for their afternoon walk.

But, while Mom’s setting everything up for their daily walk, George paddles his paws in the air as if he’s swimming. On and on the funny Chihuahua goes, not minding how silly he looks.

Yet, it looks like Mom’s not getting the hint as George resumes his funny air-paddling stint. And, it seems George’s paw paddling works as Mom begins walking out of the kitchen.

Yay! We’re finally moving!

For the next few seconds, Mom carries on walking across the kitchen with George securely strapped to her body. Yet, it seems the Chihuahua wants Mom to move faster as he continues paddling his tiny paws in the air.

At some point, George finishes each paddling stroke with a light tap on his belly, timing Mom’s every step to a beat. The Chihuahua continues doing this odd combo of actions until Mom finally rounds a corner and makes their way out of the kitchen.

Noticing this recent development, the witty Chihuahua then slows his air paddling even to the point of raising one of his paws steadily. Do you think Mom finally understands that George only wants them to jumpstart their walk for the day? Keep viewing the adorable footage in the link below for you to find out.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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