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Zella is a cute puppy and loves to play a lot. She is only 16 weeks old. Her favorite playground is their backyard. If she is able to play in the woods, she is even happier.

One morning, Zella was out on a walk with her family. The whole family was in shock when the little dog found herself falling down a well.

Before the accident, Zella was just happy to be outside. She was running like she always does until she found herself running into a well and falling down.

The good thing was that the well had already dried up so there was no water for her to drown in. However, Zella fell 8 feet down. Her family wanted to help get her out but they couldn’t reach her.

Zella’s family called 911 and asked for help. They wanted Zella to be out of the well and be kept safe.

It didn’t take long for the South Killingly Fire Department team to come. The team is specially trained to do rescues just like the kind that Zella needs.

Captain Joseph Lee heads the department and he said that their rescue team is made up of firefighters who come from different areas. They go through specialized training that involves rope rescue. They also know how to rescue those who may have been trapped in confined spaces.

Upon arrival, the team checked out the situation that Zella was in. They prepared the equipment that they would need to help get one of their team members down that well.

They were successfully able to lower a man into the well and he was able to take Zella. He then carried Zella in his arms while the team brought them back up.

Zella is now happy to be back with her family. Thanks to the team for their quick response.

Firefighter Levi Davis holding the rescued puppy

Posted by South Killingly Fire Department on Sunday, May 5, 2019

Source: South Killingly Fire Department


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