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Rescue group Hope For Paws was informed via email that a dog has been staying in a vacant home for quite some time already. Two of the group’s rescuers, Katie McKittrick and JoAnn Wiltz, left immediately, and when they reached the location, they discovered Magic, a Cattledog-American Staffordshire mix that was between seven and nine years old.

Magic was so terrified that she began to bark as soon as Katie and JoAnn drove in front of the house. She has not interacted with humans for a very long time. She was confused and uncertain of what these humans’ were planning to do there.

Katie and JoAnn learned that Magic’s owner died 11 months ago after a brief conversation with the neighbors. No member of the family came to claim the dog. Without a place to go, the unfortunate dog remained in the yard and continued to serve as a house guard.

The rescuers also learned that the new owner has put the house up for sale. But before the real estate person could sell it, he had to get the dog out somehow. The rescuers agreed that it was imperative to bring the dog to safety as soon as possible.

Katie and JoAnn attempted to entice Magic with treats. However, the dog was so terrified that she refused to approach them. Therefore, the rescuers opted to set a trap.

40 minutes passed before the dog felt safe enough since JoAnn and Katie decided to hide. This actually worked because Magic eventually entered the trap they set up.

The rescuers immediately brought Magic to the veterinarian for medical attention and a bath. The dog then went with the non-profit group The Little Red Dog to her foster home. She spent a brief time with them before moving toward a new beginning.

For almost a year, Magic was on her own. Nevertheless, she remained a darling who cherished those around her. Because she is loving and caring, her new family has fallen in love with her.

Best wishes, Magic!

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel


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