Military dogs’ bravery and selflessness in protecting our country are truly incredible, which gives them all the right to be called a ‘hero.’

Alongside their soldier handlers, they go through many risky and challenging missions to keep our country safe from imminent dangers and other dangerous circumstances. Instead of having an everyday life at home, these dogs willingly gave up their chance of having this convenient life for the sake of our country’s safety. But unfortunately, the most heartbreaking part of the military dogs’ career ironically cannot be found in their dangerous missions, but when their employment ends.

If their handlers can’t adopt them, and if no one would adopt them at all after their career, these heroic dogs are put under euthanasia. As heart-wrenching as it sounds, this is the fate they usually face after serving many years to protect the country. But one man made it his life’s mission to end this trend and provide the heroic dogs with the retirement they genuinely deserve.

This man’s name is Mike Ritland, a former Navy SEAL, who started a haven for retired military dogs called Warrior Dog Foundation. This foundation’s primary goal is to provide a forever home and normal life for military dogs after spending years in everyday chaos. Ritman believes that these heroes should not end up in euthanasia and deserves to experience the extraordinary life outside the battlefield. His foundation provides mental and physical rehabilitation for retiring dogs from Law Enforcement K9s, Military Working Dogs (MWD), and Contract Working Dogs (CWD).

Their retirement may come from various reasons like age, physical and mental injury, and handler retirement but instead of letting the dogs be euthanized after their career, Ritmasn’s foundation saves these dogs and aims to provide them with a new and more peaceful life.

Today, more and more retired dogs are not only saved but are having a wonderful life outside the battlefield. At last, after years of helping to protect the country from great dangers, they can now live, not as military dogs, but normal dogs who demand nothing but treats and belly rubs.

Source: Inside Edition via Youtube


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