Dogs love going on adventures, especially if they’re with their best friends. No matter where the destination is, our canine pals readily hop into whatever vehicle they can find to start their trip.

Thus, one brilliant doggo sits atop its equine best friend as they take an afternoon stroll together. By the looks of it, these adorable pair know each other’s preferences as neither of them complain about their respective tasks.

Ooh, thanks for the ride, pal!

In this adorable video footage, a curious pair of animals stand atop a patch of land overlooking a breath-taking view of the mountain. One of the animals’ a mix-furred dog, while the other animal’s a spotted horse.

It seems the two animals plan a road trip as the dog comfortably takes its seat on top of the horse. Most horses by now would’ve thrown the dog off their backs, but this one’s comfortable with their current setup.

As the video progressed, the canine carries on with its peaceful sitting on top of its equine pal’s back. The horse even glances at the dog to check how it’s faring.

Yay! Here we go!

After a few seconds of watching the beautiful scenery of the mountain, the two pals start with their afternoon stroll, still with the dog riding atop the horse. With careful steps, the horse trots along the dirt road to ensure the canine won’t fall from its current spot.

On and on, the equine continues to walk, not stopping for a bit to take a rest. However, it looks like fatigue took its toll on the horse as it soon pauses in the middle of their road trip.

Despite taking a rest, the horse allowed its canine pal to continue sitting on him. Do you think this adorable duo’s finally calling it a day after their unique and fun-filled adventure? Find out by watching the video footage in the link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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