On February 11, a Texas German shepherd named Chico reported himself missing to the local police station. The smart dog strolled into the Odessa Police Department in the middle of the night and placed his paws on the reception counter. Chico instinctively knew the police would help him.

Sergeant Rusty Martin of the Odessa Police Department said the German shepherd was calm upon entering the station. Sergeant Martin said Chico seemed to be enjoying his excursion and his “missing” status. Sergeant Martin commented that all the officers were thrilled to have Chico at their station. One officer went and got a tennis ball and played fetch with Chico in the lobby.

After having some fun with Chico, the officers set about to find Chico’s family. The Odessa police ran into some problems, however. Chico was wearing a collar, but his ID tag was missing. Sergeant Martin then contacted the local animal control so Chico could be scanned for a microchip.

But before animal control arrived, Chico decided he had been missing long enough, and the smart dog decided to head back home. Sergeant Martin said Chico ran out of the police station as fast as he had entered. The officers went on an exhaustive search for Chico but were unsuccessful at catching the German shepherd.

Sergeant Martin posted the incident on the Odessa Police Department’s Facebook page. Chico’s owner, Edward Alvarado, was alerted by his nephew about the Facebook post. Edward contacted the station the next day to tell the officers Chico had arrived safely. One-year-old Chico only lives a mile from the police station.

Sergeant Martin said he was very impressed with Chico’s skills. The officer said Chico might be the perfect job for police work. Sergeant Martin and the other Odessa officers commented that Chico is welcomed back to their police station anytime.

Credits: Support Our Permian Basin Police Officers Facebook


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