Asking for favors can be tricky, especially if you don’t know how. Fortunately, this Golden Labrador named Zazu knew just how to properly ask dad to get him on the swing.

Zazu loves spending time with his hooman swinging back and forth. We bet that this dog feels how we do whenever we’re moving back and forth on a swing.

There’s a certain calm in there, and Zazu loves it so much that he found a way to swing with dad. Who in their actual right mind would say no to such a sweet request, complete with kisses?

Dad is used to his pet’s sweet ways, so when he comes up to the swing, he already knows what he wants. You’re a lucky dog to have a dad like him, Zazu.

After a couple of hugs and kisses, dad finally lifted Zazu and placed him on the swing to his right. Then he called Zazu’s brother, Walle, a German Shorthaired Pointer.

He immediately went to dad’s left and together, the trio spent a couple of minutes enjoying the swaying motions together.

After a bit, dad and Walle got down, leaving Zazu on the swing by himself. The Labbie didn’t mind because it’s his favorite activity around the house.

Dad came back to check on Zazu after a period of time, but the Labbie’s response was only to give his dad kisses. Dad understood, giving his beloved golden boy head rubs to let him know it’s okay.

This owner certainly knows how to give his pets the time of the day. Walle was already tired of the swing, but Zazu would stay there forever if given the chance. Dad indulged the Labbie a bit.

We hope you enjoy your daily swing time, Zazu. Try not to sleep there, though. You might fall and that wouldn’t be something anyone of us would like.

Credits to Zazu Talks via YouTube


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