To successfully secure a best friend, look no further than your moms. There’s a reason they’re called super, and it’s because they simply understand their kids.

This Golden Retriever’s lucky to have her mom with her. On this day, they were hanging out in a sandbox, content to just hang out and chill together.

Having your mom right there with you is one of the safest feelings in the world. This pup must have felt that and more, judging by the look of bliss on her face.

Momma dog was also a picture of contentment and satisfaction. There’s nothing like seeing your child happy, safe, and stoked to be hanging out with you.

As it is with young beings, this little puppy started play-biting at mom’s coat. She was curious to see if mom would respond and play with her, and she wasn’t disappointed.

Mom began to respond to her daughter’s playful banter. She growled and the puppy went helter-skelter around her. They even bumped their heads because of the pup’s wild movements.

Both didn’t seem to mind, and when the fluffy puppy got tired, she rested on her mom’s paws. Then she went right back to her antics.

We bet that mama smiled at her daughter’s actions, knowing that soon, she’d grow up and will live her life away from her. She wasn’t about to waste this opportunity to spend time with her.

Mom and pup went back to play-biting and grabbing. It got intense that the puppy had to scoot over to leave for a bit. Mom didn’t let that happen, going after her daughter in earnest.

The puppy playfully fought back and perhaps that’s where mom knew that her baby would be okay. Treasure your time together, and thanks for the dose of good vibes, doggos!

Credits to South Branch Goldens via YouTube


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