Science has repeatedly proven that animals, especially dogs, profoundly affect humans. Studies have shown that pets and therapy animals help alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression. Several studies also revealed that regular animal interactions help people with long-term mental health conditions manage their daily activities much better.

No wonder Sophie Jacques was inspired to start a project involving children and animals in her library. The idea is to introduce animals to children during reading lessons. The library director explained to the French newspaper Le Monde that she got the idea after encountering Czech librarians. Anglo-Saxon countries have been practicing this idea for some time now.
With the help of Celine Eichenberger and her Golden Retriever Flora, Jacques is now ready to start her project. Dozens of children were given a chance to learn reading in the presence of Flora. Sure enough, the results were a success.

In just 12 sessions, the children learned to read. Teachers and parents alike were amazed at the progress. Children flourished and learned under the supervision of the friendly canine – what a fun way to learn.

Jacques said Flora’s presence helped the children learn without feeling pressured or judged. The dog offered a warm and kind presence, encouraging children to learn independently. Because of this, some people even suggested that families continue using animals in their homes to keep the learning progress.

Dogs are one of a kind. The friendship and loyalty they offer to humans are considered invaluable. It’s a gift that another can’t match.
This story will inspire people everywhere to value our animals, especially dogs. Ever since their domestication, they have given us nothing but love and loyalty, which is something money can’t buy.

Source Andrea A. via Le Monde


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