We know little about the lives of stray dogs; we have no idea how they manage to survive. We often overlook their struggles, but a man who lives in Turkey, named Yusuf Kılıçsarı, discovered how pure dogs’ love is.

Yusuf posted a video of an encounter he had with a stray dog he followed on the street. The dog caught his attention because the dog carries a bowl of food with his mouth, and so he decided to follow the dog.

The dog led him to him down the streets, and Yusuf earnestly followed. And as they came close to the destination, he discovered that the dog he followed is a mother. And he just witnessed a selfless act of love by a stray dog.

The dog’s puppies are healthy and well-fed, it surprised him because he knew that the dog was a stray and the little family had no help.

Yusuf saw motherhood in a whole different perspective, the encounter stunned him as this does not occur often, and he saw an action no one would expect from a stray.

The more I see stories like this, the more convinced I am that dogs are capable of a lot of things humans do. It is a privilege to be part of this discovery as they make our lives better each day.

We cannot outgrow the shock and awe that we feel whenever we learn stories like this; we will never be familiar with how incredible they are. Because the truth is, they will always impress us.

Their pure love needs to serve as a reminder and example for us, and we need to protect them at all cost because they gave us their commitment and dedication.

You can watch the raw clip below:

Video Credit Yusuf Kılıçsarı‘s YouTube Channel


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