When Tod Emko found Piggy on that fateful day in the Dominican Republic, he thought the poor mutt would never live another day. The stray was thin, hairless, and covered with ticks and fleas. Furthermore, he was limping. Upon closer inspection, Emko discovered that one of its legs was injured.
As Darwin Animal Doctors’s founder, Emko decided to adopt the stray dog. Calling him Piggy, Emko soon discovers just how notable Piggy is. He introduced Piggy to his medical team, and they immediately went to work.
Unfortunately, the medical team can’t save Piggy’s leg due to infection. They have to amputate the infected limb. But it didn’t stop Piggy’s enthusiastic zest for life. Soon, he learned to run and walk with just three legs.
But what was so significant about Piggy was his empathetic skills. According to Emko, Piggy seems endowed with an extraordinary power in which he knows when people and animals around him are feeling down.

When Emko was out for their morning walk in Central Park, Piggy approached a lone man sitting on the park bench. The dog lay beside him, placing one paw on the man’s shoe. Immediately, the man burst into tears. When Emko asked him what happened, the man said his dog died this morning, and Piggy’s sweet gesture made him feel better.

Moreover, Piggy doesn’t limit his help to humans and fellow animals. Another time, Piggy saw a sad little dog, approached her, and covered her with all those doggy kisses. The little dog soon perked up and began wagging her tail enthusiastically. It was the tiny dog’s last trip to the park before going to the vet for the final time.
Emko believed that Piggy’s sad history made him into an affectionate and empathetic dog today. But dogs are just a fantastic bunch. Their gentle and kind nature never fails them as a great companion — cheers to you, Piggy.

Source giovanni deldio via YouTube


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