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Dog owners know that this animal loves to go outside for a walk, some playtime, or to explore. One of their favorite places to go to would be the park.

Studies have shown that people who own dogs are healthier compared to those who do not. Well, that is not surprising because we tend to be spending too much time on the TV, on the internet, or on our cellphones. We do not get enough exercise.

But if we had dogs, we have the responsibility to take them out for a walk. And that helps us be more active.

A Golden Retriever is quite an energetic breed. If you own one, you know how much energy they can have. They are also pretty smart and can be pretty stubborn at times, too. If we do not take them out for walks, they would use their energy on something that we wouldn’t be happy about.

Kristen Bohlsen was at the park in Australia when she noticed a guy trying to convince his Golden Retriever that it was time to go home. She found it funny so she decided to capture what was happening.

From the looks of it, the Golden Retriever was having a grand day at the park that it didn’t want to go home just yet. So it doesn’t matter what the owner does – the dog just wouldn’t budge.

But what makes things even funnier was when the Golden Retriever would play dead. From standing or sitting, it would slump and lie down on the floor as if it “died”. The owner would encourage the dog to stand up and start walking but those words just seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

I know how frustrated the owner must be. But the video is so funny. This Golden Retriever’s antic is one for the books.

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Posted by Kristen Kate on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Source: Kristen Kate


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