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During the Christmas celebration, a harsh reality welcomed the residents of the Villa Rica town in Georgia. This is because a malnourished puppy was seen dumped in a dumpster by a resident. According to the resident, he was taking out the trash when he heard a strong sobbing coming from the dumpster.

After this, the concerned resident immediately contacted the local police to report what he saw. As the police officers arrived, they discovered a weak dog fighting for her life in the dumpster. Since the weather was quite cold at that time, the dog was also shivering so badly.

When they saw the dog, the police officers, led by Captain Keith Shaddix, knew they need to do something. The time was ticking for the poor dog, so Captain Keith and his officers brought the dog to the Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital (AWVH). At the hospital, the dying dog got attended by vets who were on duty despite Christmas eve.

Captain Keith was very thankful because there were veterinarians on duty when the incident happened. The police officer lauded the staff and the veterinarians of AWVH for saving the life of the poor pup. The vets assured Captain Keith that the dog would be alright. However, the weak dog needs to stay at the hospital for a few days to recuperate from the injuries.

Since he got the vets’ assurance, Captain Keith took their word and left the dog under the clinic’s care. A few days later, the police officer received a call from the clinic, telling him the dog has fully recovered.

This was the time that Captain Keith decided to adopt the dog for good since she was a stray. When the dog arrived at Captain Keith’s home, his family named the dog Miracle. Captain Keith’s family vowed that they would take good care of Miracle.

Credits to Pawsome Talk.


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