Meet Max, an adorable Cockapoo pup with an unusual taste for historical stuff. The pup is very outgoing and knows just what he wants. But at times, the pup gets himself in trouble as a result of having too much fun.

Faye Chandler, the pup’s fur mom, said that Max is kind, funny, and a crazy furball of adorableness. But what Faye had yet to know was that her pup has quite a taste for historical kinds of stuff. She soon found out one day when she was ordering items online.

Faye said that after she placed an art print order on eBay on her phone, she decided to leave her phone sitting on the couch as she went to the other room. She didn’t think much about it so she left her phone’s screen on. But little did she know that Max was watching her the whole time.

As soon as the pup saw that the couch was vacant, he bounded towards it and hopped on the couch. Preparing to get comfortable on his new resting spot, Max kept moving around and shuffling around to find the perfect spot. Through the pup’s process of getting comfortable, he unknowingly touched his fur mom’s phone and placed an eBay order!

Faye said that when she returned to grab her phone, she was surprised to see that a new item she didn’t order was already on the way to be shipped to her home. And what’s more confusing was that the item was a Charles Edward Stuart 1745 letter, which isn’t related to her art print order. Her confusion eventually faded away when she saw Max looking at her. After putting two and two together, Faye realized that Max was the one who placed the order of the strange item.

Faye said that she immediately reached out to the seller to cancel the order, but it was too late. In the end, she just thought that if a Charles Edward Stuart 1745 letter is what Max wants, then he could have it. When the pup’s order arrived, Faye placed it on his crate so he could see it whenever he wants. Faye didn’t mind her pup’s spontaneous order, rather she was amused about her pup’s taste in things.

Credits to Faye Chandler


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