Canines, like humans, love playing in the rain. Even if it means they’ll get their fur soaking wet, dogs don’t mind if it means having a fun time.

Thus, one canine who sees rain for the first time jumps right into their flooded terrace and plays in it. With the way things look, getting wet while watching the rain simply is part of the fun for this adorable canine.

Ooh! It’s the rain!

In this amusing footage, a black doggo runs across a flooded terrace. At first, you’ll think the pooch’s afraid of getting its paws wet as it dashes in the opposite direction.

But, as soon as the dog reaches the end of the terrace, it quickly makes a U-turn. Without warning, the ecstatic canine then runs towards the part of the terrace submerged in water.

As the video progresses, the canine carries on running across the flooded tiled terrace even as the rain continues to pour. Despite becoming soaking wet, the pooch doesn’t care and merely carries on with its fun playtime.

I so love the rain!

On and on the dog goes, eager to tread on the flooded terrace. And, when the pooch finally achieves its goal, it sprints across the tiled floor towards the door of its home.

But, in the canine’s haste, its paws begin skidding across the flooded terrace floor. But, it looks like the doggo’s in control of the situation as it manages to veer itself towards the door skillfully.

And, in a single jump, the playful doggo enters their home unscathed. Regardless of the near-mishap, the impish pooch carries on with its task for it to enter the safety of their abode.

Can’t believe a canine’s capable of playing in the heavy rain? Better watch this adorable doggo in live-action on the footage link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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