Dogs that have lived most of their lives as strays don’t know what it’s like to be a part of a family. It’s heartbreaking to see that so many of these dogs are terrified of humans since many of them have experienced cruelty at the hands of people.

When a dog named Sarah was rescued as a stray, she was so terrified of humans that she would shake uncontrollably whenever someone comes near her. She just wanted to be invisible whenever someone was near her. She was also sick, starving, and had trouble walking.

Eventually, Sarah was fostered by an amazing woman who was so patient with her and taught her everything about being a part of a family. Although Sarah experienced kindness in her foster home, she was still shut down and didn’t really want to interact with people.

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Sarah’s foster mom suspected that Sarah experienced cruelty and abuse from people, which was why she’s always terrified around people. Thankfully, Sarah’s foster mom showed her kindness and was very patient with her. This helped Sarah come out of her shell, which was truly exciting for her foster mom to be a part of the experience. Sarah started to spend a lot of time with her foster mom’s dogs who were so extra patient with her and welcomed her as part of the pack.

However, Sarah loves her foster mom’s old and cranky cat the most. Although the cat doesn’t really love Sarah as much as Sarah loves him, he tolerates her and lets her play with him. Sarah started as a terrified dog who was sad and in so much pain. Now, she’s one of the happiest dogs in the world who learned to let love in thanks to her foster mom and her old and grumpy cat.

Sarah finally got her second chance at a happy life thanks to the amazing woman who fostered her and made her feel loved. Despite everything Sarah went through, she’s able to leave her past behind and live a happy life. Here’s a heartwarming video featuring Sarah’s story.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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