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Jose Perez, a resident of Connecticut, was on a business trip in Georgia when his security camera sent him an alert that there was an intrusion at his house. Upon checking, he saw that things were fine and his fiancé had just arrived at home. Aside from that, the security camera alert showed him something that he did not know about Nina, his dog.

Perez and his fiancée Kesyla Mora were usually not at home, so they placed a surveillance camera to monitor Nina’s daily activities. It sends a notification when a motion is detected after midnight.

Perez was about to go asleep at midnight when he received an intruder alert. He was concerned and immediately examined the camera footage.

It turned out that the system notified him because of Mora’s late arrival at home. But before the video concluded, he observed something that he deemed worthy of sharing with the world.

His two women are dancing! The sight of them brightened Perez’s evening.

Nina appeared to be an excellent dance partner as she waltzed with Mora in the kitchen with her paws around her waist. She was unable to refrain from dancing. She wiggled her tail and even leaped to greet Mora.

Perez was beaming from ear to ear while he watched the footage. He was pleased to know that all was good at his residence. He saved the video and then went to bed knowing that things were fine and dandy.

The couple discovered Nina on the online trading site Craigslist. Since then, they have treated her like a daughter, and she has been the princess of the house. This explains why she reigns supreme on the dance floor!

Since 2019, the video clip of Mora and Nina, the Labrador-chow, has received millions of views on social media.

The video was initially shared on Reddit without any context. Therefore, some were concerned that the clip was voyeuristic.

Perez clarified that Mora was aware of the security camera. She also has access to the cameras and VPN connection in their home. He wasn’t spying that time and he was just notified because it was already late at night.

He provided further arguments for installing cameras in the home. They occasionally have dogs from the local humane organization and wanted to ensure that Nina gets along with the other canines.

They also have put up an electronic dog door to determine whether the dogs are inside or outside. In addition, the dogs can freely enter and exit their gated yard.

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