Our doggos play many roles in our lives. They could either be a working animal, or just a fluffy goofball that we could cuddle with at home. Many dogs were originally bred to help humans with work like herding sheep or hunting, and only a few doggos were bred to help seafaring humans.

However, knowing how talented our pups are, we really can’t conclude what their true limits are. Doggos are now doing things that were considered unimaginable or impossible back in the old days, and in this video, this Golden Retriever had proven that they could also hunt on water.

We currently don’t have much information about this pooch, but we’re confident that her video will become viral and the world will know her name soon. The clip starts with the pooch standing still in the water and it even looks like she had fallen asleep because she was completely motionless.

But this pooch was actually trying to read the movements of the fish that caught her eye. Also, her movements will scare the fish away, so she had to stay still. This talented pup really knows her craft, and this video just shows that this isn’t her first time. It’s amazing how disciplined this dog is, and we can’t even get our pups at home to sit still.

Like a hawk who bided her time, she waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. The pup knew that she had to act swiftly once the opportunity had presented itself, and when it did, she quickly chomped down on the fish that was in front of her. The fish that she caught wasn’t that big, but that wasn’t the point.

What’s important here is that she’s got the skills to fish and not a lot of dogs can do that. If we think about it, because she’s just using her mouth to catch them, a small fish is actually more difficult to capture. Once she got her prey, she went back up the wooden ladder to present her catch to her humans. Good girl!

Credits: RM Videos


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