Dogs love being the center of our attention. They will often do random, adorable acts just to be praised or be given a rub.

Some dogs would climb on you; some will run around; some will bark. They either want a treat or want some good petting, but all the same, these dogs crave attention all the time.

Two dogs from Minnesota, Remy, and Bomber, are one of these clingy dogs. The two dogs would often go great lengths just to get some attention, including calling 911.

One fine day, a 911 call was dispatched to the Lakeville Police Department. However, the call contained nothing but silence from the other end.

The officers were able to get a location from the call. When they reached the home from where the call was made, the door was locked, and there was no one inside.

What made the incident weirder is that in the time they spent going to the house, three more calls from the same number was logged by the 911 dispatcher. The dispatcher said that in some of the calls, dogs could be heard in the background, but still no human voice.

Both officers left the house after a quick observation of its exterior. However, calls were still being made from inside the house. One of the officers, Michelle Roberts, turned around and went back to the property.

Roberts was beginning to worry that there might be someone disabled inside the house who only knew to call for help but cannot communicate. She decided to look further and fortunately, she was able to locate a phone number of the owner and was able to open the garage with the family’s consent.

To her surprise, the two dogs welcomed her by the door. Remy and Bomber stood there shyly, kind of aware of the inconvenience they have done.

When Roberts investigated the house further, she found a phone on one of the desks that was on emergency mode only. The dogs seemed to have bumped their paw on the screen for it to call 911.

As unbelievable as it is, the police and even Remy and Bomber’s owners were shocked and amused at how it really were the dogs who made the call. They listened to the recorded calls and found that the dogs were, in fact, breathing and barking right next to the phone.

Roberts described the incident as one of the most baffling she has ever had to respond to.

Credits go to The Dodo for the photos and the story!


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