Mosley’s uniqueness compared to other canines is quite apparent at first look. His rescuers think that his disfigured face just makes him more adorable. However, this is one of the reasons why no one paid him notice when he was staying in a rural shelter. He wanted to be adopted, but no one came forward to do so.

Fortunately, Amanda Harris, the marketing programs manager at the Atlanta Humane Society, discovered Mosley’s photo online. She quickly recognized Mosley’s uniqueness and raced to the animal shelter to adopt him.

Amanda noted that Mosley’s crooked grin won the hearts of the Atlanta Humane Society shelter staff, and they were confident that it would do the same for his future family. In addition, the management noted that while they do not know exactly how Mosley ended up with this appearance, it was likely related to his birth.

The workers at the animal shelter released information about Mosley on their social media profiles and received a large number of inquiries regarding his adoption. A woman named Lindsey Ramsey and her family were chosen to adopt Mosley. The shelter employees believed that, among all the potential adopters, Mosley’s family would be the best fit for Ramsey.

Amanda’s feedback showed that the shelter’s decision was correct. Mosley is continually full of energy and constantly follows her new family around. He enjoys cuddling and loves receiving pets from them.

The woman added that she was told that whenever the family laid down, Mosley would want immediate cuddling. Clearly, he is enjoying his time with his new family.

Mosley is also adapting to his new life with a cat as his sister. Amanda is optimistic that he and the family’s cat, Barbara, will soon become friends, despite the fact that they frequently pawed at one another. They may become best buddies in the near future. They have a lot of time to become even more acquainted.

Source: Lindsey-andAnson Ramsey


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