One therapy dog named Tony is here to save the day of students at New Mexico State University (NMSU) and everyone on campus is definitely excited to finally see him. With finals just around the corner, Tony, alongside his owner, Lisa Archer, is helping out students calm their nerves and keep their stress levels low since a simple moment of petting him and interacting with him can instantly put the students in a good mood.

Tony is part of Therapy Dogs International, a volunteer organization that leads the testing, regulating, and registering of therapy dogs and their handlers. He has been certified for three years now and has done multiple visits around schools. According to Michelle Grandjean, Program Specialist for Corbett Center Student Union, students loved Tony so much. The last time he came, over 180 students stopped to pet him.

Miriam Ramirez, one of the many students at NMSU, explains that the university should hold more events with Tony in the future or with other therapy dogs. That’s because she feels like students like her need that something small to cheer them up and help them get through the day.

Before Tony, there have been other visiting therapy dogs from local therapy dog groups in the area. Unfortunately, after COVID-19 happened, a lot of the groups disbanded and it was difficult to contact them and arrange visits. But thanks to Lisa and Tony, NMSU students are getting their much-needed boost in mood as they take their classes and exams. But it’s not really just the students who are enjoying the interaction as Tony loves it very much as well.

Tony has always been a crowd-pleaser and has easily earned himself the fan-favorite title. Whenever he comes through any door, the room will light up and everyone will smile brightly.

Source: The Round Up


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