Karen has to deal with a lot of stress at home. She has a kid who’s always throwing a tantrum and a dog who is destructive and pees everywhere. To top it all off, she has a husband who hardly helps her around the house. This is what dog trainer Victoria Stilwell has to deal with in this episode of her show.

The dog trainer observes how the dog, Indiana, behaves around the house. It was a terrible scene. The couple has no control over their dog.

When asked how they got Indiana, Joe, the husband revealed he got him from a pet store. Victoria was sure Indiana came from a puppy mill. Even during the initial conversation, Indiana was marking his territory all over the place. Karen was the only one cleaning the mess up.

Victoria sat down with the couple and told them what she thinks. She thinks that Joe should step up and be more proactive when it comes to handling Indiana. She also disclosed that their dog might have hyperactive disorder. The wife, Karen, was in tears when she heard this news.

Surprisingly the dog trainer’s first order of business was not directed towards Indiana. She gave Karen an instruction to go to the beach and relax. It seems odd, but it was also a way for Joe to be in Karen’s shoes for a day and experience all her daily struggles.

Joe was left for a day in the house to care for his son and his dog. It was a disaster. The kid was throwing a tantrum, and the dog was testing his patience. He did manage to clean the house and have a newfound appreciation for his wife.

After that, Victoria taught Joe how to handle Indiana. The next day the trainer and the couple visited a dog daycare to assess how the dog interacts with a other dogs. Indiana behaved like an average dog and it turned out he was more behaved here. The couple agreed to take him twice a week to the daycare. The details of the episode are in the clip below.

Video courtesy of It’s Me or The Dog via YouTube.



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